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M.Sc. Lutz Kaiser

M.Sc. Lutz Kaiser Photo of M.Sc. Lutz Kaiser


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Arbeitsgruppe ApparateDesign
Geschossbau 3


Curriculum Vitae

Lutz Kaiser has studied biochemical engineering at the TU Dortmund University since 2011. He completed his bachelor thesis with the topic “Adsorber Screening for an in situ fermentation of Fusicoccadien with S. cerevisiae “ at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design. After a research internship at Princeton University, NJ, Lutz graduated with the master thesis ‘Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Investigation in Straight Capillaries Utilizing Open-Source Hardware’ at the Laboratory of Equipment Design in 2018. Since 2019 he works as a research associate at the Laboratory of Equipment Design, participating in the ENPRO2.0 - VOPA project.


Journal Articles

journalW. Krieger, E. Bayraktar, O. Mierka, L. Kaiser, R. Dinter, J. Hennekes, S. Turek, N. Kockmann

Arduino‐based slider setup for gas–liquid mass transfer investigations: Experiments and CFD simulations

AIChE Journal, 2020, vol. 66, p. e16953, https://doi.org/10.1002/aic.16953

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Scientific Theses

MasterKira Insea Tita (Supervisor: Stefan Höving, Lutz Kaiser)

Commissioning of a miniaturized quasi-continuous belt crystallizer for integrated cooling crystallization and filtration – a feasibility study

TU Dortmund, Fakultät BCI, Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign, 11.08.2020

MasterLutz Kaiser (Supervisor: Waldemar Krieger)

Gas-Flüssig-Stofftransportuntersuchungen in einem geraden Mikrokanal unter Verwendung von open-source Hardware

TU Dortmund, Fakultät BCI, Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign, 14.11.2018

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