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M.Sc. Hendrik Borgelt

M.Sc. Hendrik Borgelt Photo of M.Sc. Hendrik Borgelt

(+49)231 755-4453

(+49)231 755-8084


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Arbeitsgruppe ApparateDesign
Geschossbau 3

Room 5.32


Curriculum Vitae


Vacancies for Theses

If you are interested in my field of research please have a look at our moodle page for vacant theses.

Please contact me via email and we can discuss about a possible topic for a thesis.


Journal Articles

journalA. S. Behr, H. Borgelt, N. Kockmann

Ontology-based structuring of arbitrary deeply nested dictionaries using EMMO

Applied Ontology, 2022, [submitted]

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Scientific Theses

MasterHendrik Borgelt (Supervisor: Alexander Behr)

Ontology-based structuring of CFD simulation data of flow with reaction in a microreactor

TU Dortmund, Fakultät BCI, Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign, 20.06.2022

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