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journalJ. Oeing, W. Welscher, N. Krink, L. Jansen, F. Henke, N. Kockmann

Using artificial intelligence to support the drawing of piping and instrumentation diagrams using DEXPI standard

Digital Chemical Engineering, 2022, vol. 4, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dche.2022.100038

talkJ. Oeing, W. Welscher, L. Jansen, N. Kockmann

Smart, artificial intelligence-based synthesis of piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)

ProcessNet JT PAAT, 22.-23.112021

talkL. Neuendorf, J. Oeing, W. Krieger, L. Bittorf, N. Kockmann

Artificial Intelligence in laboratories: Machine and Deep Learning based monitoring of flooding behavior in distillation and extraction columns

European Congress of Chemical Engineering, 20.-23.09.2021, Berlin, Germany

talkJ. Oeing, R. Jäkel, W. Welscher, L. Jansen, N. Kockmann

Uniform data bases as a driver for future process development (data, repositories and application examples)

European Congress of Chemical Engineering, 20.-23.09.2021, Berlin, Germany

journalM. Wiedau, G. Tolksdorf, J. Oeing, N. Kockmann

Towards a Systematic Data Harmonization to Enable AI Application in the Process Industry

Chem. Ing. Tech., 2021, https://doi.org/10.1002/cite.202100203

journalJ. Oeing, L. Neuendorf, L. Bittorf, W. Krieger, N.Kockmann

Flooding Prevention in Distillation and Extraction Columns with Aid of Machine Learning Approaches

Chem. Ing. Tech., 2021, doi: 10.1002/cite.202100051

posterJ. Oeing, W. Welscher, N. Kockmann

Artificial Intelligence supported P&ID-development

KEEN Research Project2021, http://keen-plattform.de/Aktuelles/Downloads.html

posterJ. Oeing, F. Henke, N. Kockmann

AI-supported prediction of separation processes

KEEN Research Project2021, http://keen-plattform.de/Aktuelles/Downloads.html

journalJ. Oeing, F. Henke, N. Kockmann

Machine Learning Based Suggestions of Separation Units for Process Synthesis in Process Simulation

Chem. Ing. Tech., 2021, https://doi.org/10.1002/cite.202100082

talkL. Bittorf, J. Oeing, T. Kock, M. Hoernicke, T. Holm, N. Kockmann

Modular process development in the laboratory - Plug & Research

ProcessNet Jahrestagung, 21.-24.September2020, digital

posterL. Bittorf, J. Oeing, T. Holm, S. Loepker, M. Hoernicke, K. Stark, N. Kockmann

Service oriented architecture for an automated laboratory distillation process module

JTR Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik, 04.-05.11.2019, Dortmund