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M.Sc. Jonas Oeing

M.Sc. Jonas Oeing Photo of M.Sc. Jonas Oeing

(+49)231 755-2066

(+49)231 755-8084


Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen
Arbeitsgruppe ApparateDesign
Geschossbau 3

Room 525


Curriculum Vitae

Jonas Oeing has studied Chemical Engineering at the TU Dortmund University since 2013. He completed his Bachelor thesis with the topic ‘Entwicklung eines Simulationsprogrammes zur Berechnung der Ein- und Ausatmungsvorgänge atmosphärischer Tanks‘ in collaboration with INEOS Phenol GmbH. He completed his Master at the Laboratory of Equipment Design with his thesis ‘Service oriented architecture for an automated laboratory distillation column’. Since 2020 he works as a research associate at the laboratory of Equipment Design, participation in the KEEN project. Within the scope of this project he researches AI-supported process development and HAZOP-analyses.


The aim is the development of AI-supported methods in process planning. Parallel to this, the development of new processes with the help of an AI-based HAZOP-assistance will be used for a comprehensive and reliable safety assessment.

Thesis vacancy

Currently, an open bachelor thesis in the field of AI-based P&ID synthesis is available.

You're intrested in artificial intelligence / machine learning and / or want to deepen you're knowledge about programming?

Contact me via mail and we will discuss a topic for a theoretical thesis (bachelor or master / german or english).

Experience in artificial intelligence and python isn't necessary but interest in programming would be preferable.



talkL. Bittorf, J. Oeing, T. Kock, M. Hoernicke, T. Holm, N. Kockmann

Modular process development in the laboratory - Plug & Research

ProcessNet Jahrestagung, 21.-24.September2020, digital


posterL. Bittorf, J. Oeing, T. Holm, S. Loepker, M. Hoernicke, K. Stark, N. Kockmann

Service oriented architecture for an automated laboratory distillation process module

JTR Prozess-, Apparate- und Anlagentechnik, 04.-05.11.2019, Dortmund

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Scientific Theses

BachelorFabian Henke (Supervisor: Jonas Oeing)

Methodenentwicklung zur Erzeugung KI-unterstützter Synthese von Trennprozessen

TU Dortmund, Fakultät BCI, Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign, 14.12.2020

MasterJonas Oeing (Supervisor: Lukas Bittorf)

Service oriented architecture for an automated laboratory distillation column

TU Dortmund, Fakultät BCI, Arbeitsgruppe Apparatedesign, 04.12.2019

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